5 Photographers

Paul Strand

Paul Strand was well known for his pure photography which captured reality in the form of black and white and sepia. The subject matter of his work included abstraction, portraiture and architecture. Strand worked with large format cameras and combined the elements of abstraction and reality, evident especially in his architecture photography. As he grew more aware of social matters, he began to conform to the idea that art could have a positive impact on political and social change and, through photography, he aimed to achieve that, including, setting up the ‘Photo League’ which aimed to raise social awareness including social protests. His work also included cinematography.

Paul Strand


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David Lachapelle

David Lachapelle is a fine art photographer whose work is surreal and futuristic like. His photography varies from art history to street culture and consists of colourful, conceptual imagery which is similar to Pop Art. His photography aims be both humorous and provocative with plenty of nudity and features a vast array of celebrities. This is because celebrities are idolized and conform to the idea of glamour and power so are suited to Lachapelles form of photography. He often gets his subjects to mimic poses of that of Renaissance paintings. His aim is to represent celebrities in a positive light and for people to have a laugh as celebrities are often subject to negative connotation and are over-sensualized in mass media.

David Lachapelle.jpg

Source: http://www.artnet.com/artists/david-lachapelle/ http://davidlachapelle.com/about/                           http://www.lachapellestudio.com/portraits/

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams specialized in American landscape photography and was a keen environmentalist. Through photography, he believed in promoting the preservation of the surrounding environment, including his more well-known works such as Yosemite National Park and Vernal Fall. Adams originally took to piano but progressed towards photography after a trip to Yosemite Park and from there developed his passion through reading photography magazines, exhibits, camera club meetings and learning how to use a darkroom. His photographs are best known for its strong black and white contrast and proper exposure so that all elements of the photograph were captured. Adams choice of camera were large format due to the high quality it retained. Although his work specialized specifically with black and white, he also experimented with colour. However, he dismissed the idea due to his belief that colour was distracting and diverted the attention away from how skilfully executed each photograph was and its amazing high resolute quality.

Ansel Adams

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Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, best known for his photo of “Afghan Girl,” is an American documentary photographer specializing in photojournalism and editorial. A photographer for National Geographic magazine, his photography documents the lives of the third world people and aims to portray the day to day struggle that his subjects encounters whilst also capturing the joy of many in situations that a majority of the first world take for granted. His photography is emotional and captures the human spirit in an inspiring way, particularly through the eyes which are the windows into the human soul. His photography has seen him through a lot of dangerous and threatening situations including being involved in a plane crash and having to sew film strips on the inside of his clothing so that he could cross the border during a time of war. However, this hasn’t deterred him nonetheless but inspired him to keep going. McCurry travels abroad a lot to different countries, favourably India, to experience the different cultures and providing a diverse portfolio which has won him numerous awards. He also specializes in Landscape photography.

Steve McCurry.jpg

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Chris McLennan

Chris McLennan is a New Zealand photographer who specializes in a range of photography including Wildlife, Travel, Tourism, Culture and Adventure. His photography is colourful, vibrant and well defined, capturing every possible detail. McLennan experiments with both colour and black and white, appropriating each to the photograph accordingly. He travels abroad to capture different locations and wildlife opportunities such as the Alaska grizzly bear hunting for salmon or the exploration of the South Island, NZ, and is an avid Nikon ambassador. McLennan has photographed in over 30 countries worldwide through which it has presented an array of challenges such as extreme conditions and language barriers. His photography has seen him through numerous awards including Winner of the National Geographic PDN Great Outdoors Adventure image of the years 09’ and 10’ and International Black and White Spider Awards: Honors People Category 2010.

Chris McLennan

Sources: http://www.cmphoto.co.nz/                                                    http://www.lexar.com/phro-photo/chris-mclennan  https://www.facebook.com/Chris.McLennan.Photography/photos/


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