Narrative and Postcard


My series of images is situated at a slaughterhouse where pet food is made and distributed. I believe it was strong topic to depict through photography as I wanted to portray “reality” in a circumstance which I believe suited. Reality is often confronting and so I wanted to show exactly that. I put reality in quotation marks as reality is different for everyone but in a stereotypical sense, slaughterhouse has a bad name. The individuals which work within this industry are often subject to judgement based on the stereotype that their occupation is wrong and inhumane. Yet people don’t realize that these individuals are the very people who are supplying pets their food and are professionals at what they do.  I then used images which demonstrated the process so that a better understanding may be articulated and a newfound appreciation could be found through the photographs. I used black and white as I felt colour was too complicated and would distract the viewer from my intended message. I also felt it suited the grim “reality” as it emulates the idea of lifelessness and death. I chose to do some close up shots as it is more personal and there is more involvement and connection. I ended the series with a male who looks ‘beat’ down from a hard days work and from carrying the responsibility of his job. I tried to create emotion through his stance which is also enhanced throughout by the starkness of the black and white theme.



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