For my packaging, I really warmed to the idea of a simple box shape as this is what is used in my community as a form of packaging. However, I knew it was too simple so I decided to look up different ideas of how to make it, not only, more interesting but also be more convenient and make the packaging something of use so it is more interactive with the user. I considered the idea of wrapping up my publication/map and tying it up like the top right image. However, I felt it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted as a box is more solid and clean cut. But it would be a good idea to wrap up my items inside the box as another form of packaging which would be fun.

Packaging Ideas 2Packaging Ideas

My favourite idea of packaging is a simple box (square or rectangular depending) and when you open the tab, the whole packaging then becomes a pouch and replicates the pouch that holds the knives. I thought it was clever and an innovative way to utilise the packaging that is relevant. Following that idea, I liked the idea of a simple illustration e.g apron, to adorn the front so when you open the tab it completes the look on the front cover.


I couldn’t find much publication ideas but I did manage to find a couple that I liked including folding up the publication or map and including the map within the publication. The folding one might be a little to complicated, however, the first publication on the left is much more simple yet creative and combines map and publication.

Publication Ideas.jpg

Thinking about the packaging also, I thought it would be cool to actually break up the publication in parts so that they’re seperate instalments and the possibility of when you connect all the pieces, it makes the map. And then the packaging could be the knife pouch idea which I really love the idea of as it is more creative and I feel is more fun. I like it because each publication of imagery gets to feature on its own and then when you join it there is even more interactivity with the user and makes every bit exciting to be honest.


Sleeve for Map.jpg

Map Ideas.jpg

For the map, I’d already sought ideas through the publication/packaging and so I didn’t have much ideas left. I did consider the possibility of the map being printed on a sleeve which fits the publication in. I’m still undecided as to where to include the map as there are so much possibilities but I do like the idea of including it as either a illustration or joined up with publication pieces.


I also considered simple illustration as it is quite popular to decorate the packaging etc. and adds another element which would work well with bold type as found in the examples below:

Bold Illustration (2).jpg

Other examples of awesome illustration ideas include:

I really like all of them, especially, the first one. It’s simple but highly effective (they all are).

Illustration Ideas.jpg

Source of images used (not including personal idea drawings):


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