Reflection: Feedback

The feedback which I received includes the following:

  1. Combine colour with black and white. Edit colour into different elements of the topic e.g. bring through the colour of the blood.
  2. More photos of what they do with the meat.
  3. Put up coloured photos and explain why I chose black and white.
  4. Slightly more contrast for stronger moods.
  5. Include more of the people themselves.
  6. For some photos, do a 50/50 shot (half in colour, half in black and white).

1. I had already previously discussed this form of method within my work and bringing through the colour of the blood. I hadn’t actually tried it as I wanted to stick with the black and white theme and maintain consistency which was quite important for me as I am able to control it a lot more. However, I did try it to see what it would look like, having to overlay the colour image atop my, already, edited black and white photo before isolating the blood.

So, comparing the two, I really like the photo with the colour of the blood coming through. I am really tied as to which one to choose as I think the black and white works fine and you can still see the blood as it is darker and comes through more prominently. However, the second photo works really well also and adds another element. The black and white helps to emphasis it but without it being too much. Both photos work really well with my topic either way but it is just a matter of choosing which one to go with. I may choose the second photo and possibly see if I can create another “blood” shot to which I have one other. The rest of my narrative don’t have blood.

2. So, I included one photo of what they do with the meat and that is cutting it up or in the proper term “boning out”. This is where they cut the meat off of the bones but I wasn’t able to take photos due to the fact that I had to work around them and I would have been in the way as they have to keep working. So the reason I don’t have more is because I am trying to capture the whole process step by step and I felt I fulfilled that through the one shot. It’s a tad difficult to capture everything within a limited amount of frames and I didn’t want to repeat myself as I felt the one shot was enough of an explanation.

3. These are just some of the photographs in colour:

As I have explained in previous posts, I chose not to go with colour as I felt it would be too distracting and distract the viewer away from the message I am trying to convey. Whereas with black and white, more focus is placed on the form and the portrayal shown through the images and emulates the idea of lifelessness and death which is what I am trying to show. I also felt black and white can create moods, especially when you play with the contrast and tonal range of each element.

4. I did try more contrast in my photos originally. However, I felt it was too dark and I wanted to capture as much detail as I could and the different textures e.g rough, coarse. They are all words I would associate with my topic. I also felt you can easily overdo with too much contrast. I did experiment a lot with contrast and whites and blacks but felt I achieved the right balance without overdoing it.

5. I chose my partner to be the solo narrative as I feel it is more personal and meaningful in regards to more people which I feel would then make the story a little more disconnected as I wouldn’t be able to get up close and tell the story through the eyes of one. I felt it was more appropriate to tell the story through one because then there is a consistency and more connection through each frame and it can flow really well. Also, I am still to get to know everyone and I also had to work within the small time frame that I had. I took the photos at the end of everyone’s shift so everyone just wanted to go home. I do understand that it is a good point but I was more drawn to the idea of solo.

6. I thought this was an interesting idea. I wouldn’t necessarily go with the idea as it would definitely over complicate things and possibly confuse people on what I am trying to communicate. It is a cool idea and interesting to see the combination of two “realities” and interpretations but wasn’t really suited to my topic.

Overall, I enjoyed looking through the feedback and really appreciate the different ideas and suggestions. I will consider the blood imagery and make a decision on whether or not to include the two renewed photos but I will consult my lecturer in making my decision.





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