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  1. Hi Awhina, This is a strong idea, I really like what you’ve created here and I’m glad you decided to try something with slaughterhouse.
    I have a few things for you to consider trying:
    – Think about the thickness of the negative space ‘slash’ through laughter, could it be made to be the same thickness as the typeface to line up with the crossbar of the ‘H’?
    – Could you take out the crossbar of the ‘A’ altogether so that you don’t have the awkward leftover bit?
    – Do you need the very slight cut-off of the bottom of the letters? – it looks a little unintentional


    • Hey teina, yeah I did make it the same thickness as the cross bar of the H and with the A, it’s because the crossbar is lower than the H but yeah I can take it out. The slight cut off isn’t intentional, it isn’t cut off in illustrator, but when I export as jpg it cuts out the surrounding white space so ended up cutting up a little bit of my design


      • That last one looks great. Adjusting the thickness and taking the crossbar out just makes the whole thing tidier. It’s really good Awhina, Simple but strong.


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