Final Maps

I created four finals for my map, changing a couple of aspects here and there for each one. I didn’t change it too much from my concepts but added it more details including replacing the black dots which circles of photos which pose as the representation of each room (except for one below). I was going to do this idea originally anyway but decided not to include within my concepts and just get a rough idea of what I wanted.

Map 1 (B&W Background)

I wanted to see what it would look like purely in black and white as it is fairly straightforward and consistent. I thought this idea was simple but effective and I like how there isn’t a long trail of black circles as I felt that was too much and just let people join up the missing pieces themselves. I didn’t want the B&W photos to be too dominant and so that is why that the transparency. I wanted it to fill up the background more so as if it were too opaque then it would be too much and you wouldn’t be able to read the writing or see the dots etc.

Map 2 (Colour Circles).jpg

For one of my ideas, I used black and white photos as the background and even added colour on top. I really like the idea of this one because it shows another perspective and highlights certain elements of the black and white photos so that people are able to understand each. I also like the amount of detail within this map. I also included colour circles in other places as I didn’t want it to be just a trail; I wanted to show off other parts of the photo as well for the aesthetics.

Map 3 (Colour Circles Only).jpg

This one is similar to the second idea but instead, I took away the B&W images. I was wondering if the B&W images mixed with the coloured ones would be too much and see if the colour circles were enough. I like the white space which surrounds the map and is also simple with a touch of detail (okay, maybe not a touch but you get me).

Map 4 (Colour Circles Enlarged).jpg

I really really like this one because of the enlarged circles and the way it goes beyond the borders. I thought it was pretty creative and I like how we can see more detail in comparison to the smaller circles. I find it fun to look at. I think it’s easy to understand but also making sure to be aesthetically pleasing. I made some of the elements translucent when surpassing borders as I wanted them to be there but not obvious as it may be distracting from the actual trail and also because it helps create a harmonious balance between the negative and positive space.

Overall, I really like each one and am finding it a little difficult to choose which one to go through with. I would probably choose the last one but I am still undecided so I will have to wait for a holla back. Peace.




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