Week 1 (Minor): Amy Friend – The “Dare Alla Luce” Project

Amy Friend’s “Dare Alla Luce” project is a series of images which consist of aged, antique photos that have been pierced with small holes to allow light to shine through. It is a beautiful, haunting series which invokes a sense of renewal and belonging, once again, amongst a world where memories are all too often forgotten.

Dare Alla Luce meaning “to bring to the light” refers to the rebirth of the photographs and is also the remembrance of those portrayed who, as Friend explains, are “lost souls”. It is often said that photography is only made achievable through light and without light, photography would not be possible. Following this saying in a literal matter, Friend chooses to use light as a way of bringing “life” back into the imagery so it is alive and existing once more. The universal meaning of light is reality/truth and morality which are two topics that play a huge role in the photographs. Thus, reality being that these images (in there original condition) have not been manipulated in any way and are truthful in there depictions; the morality being of how all things must come to an end. She is also re-purposing the images with newfound appreciation and even though some of the photo is lost through the hole punctures, it is also gained through light.

The cultural factors which indicate the era of which the photographs came from is evident through the monochromatic filter to the style of clothing and were taken at a time where colour film was not readily available. It was also during a time when photography wasnot considered “art” nor taken seriously. Photography was more so a documentation of everyday life.

Through the use of natural looking light, it correlates with the monochromatic filter and therefore, creates a magic that can only be felt through one’s experience of their own thoughts and memories.

Imagery Source: http://www.amyfriend.ca/dare-alla-luce/ 


Dare alla Luce: This Ghostly Photo Series by Amy Friend Will Haunt You


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  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing the images and technique. I hadn’t seen it before.


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