Slaughterhouse Packaging: *Updated*

After a long conversation discussing ideas and how to improve my packaging, I have come to, hopefully, the final result of what my packaging will become. Originally, my packaging was only going to replicate a knife holder (used in slaughterhouses to hold the knives). However, it wasn’t going to work too well as the chain used to hold it up may rip through the paper when holding my publication and other material. And so, a thicker card is going to be needed and something similar to that of what we used to make an e flute folder which would be more durable and strong holding. Also, I will need to source some type of metal plate or similar for the chain to sit in so that it doesn’t rip through and help with durability and stability.

In a bid to improve the packaging and push it to another level, we decided to cut open the front and make it so that it was a flap which opened up. This allows for easy access to the materials inside and also makes it easier for the packaging to be hung up.

I will also have to clean up the sides and so the possibility being that I will bring in a tab on either side and gives extra stability so the materials don’t fall out.


I faced some challenges with how I would make the packaging so that it could hold the flap and make link to another thing below for the flap to be stable. I was thinking latches but I knew that card would not be strong enough to hold this. I started to think about having to source actual wood and make my packaging out of that so that it could cater to the latches. However, I found this would be too costly and I simply do not have the appropriate materials to do this. I also felt uncomfortable with the idea as I still wanted to be able to print on my packaging. After a lot of discussion with Rich, I finally got the idea I was looking for.

I was going to use two small buttons and secure them to the packaging and then make a hole in the flap so the buttons can fit through the hole in the flap and keep it from moving. This option is much cheaper and easier to do and not so time consuming like the ideas beforehand. I would also link the chain onto the button to sit comfortably and that way the chain is already out and ready to hang up.

All I have to do is figure out what I want my button to look like/be and design it accordingly. I also have to rough the chain up a bit as it is gold. And I have to source the card for my packaging which shouldn’t be too hard. Marvellous!


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