Slaughterhouse Packaging

This is my packaging which will be printed on cardboard or 332gsm card paperstock. I used the rib pattern from my publication and turned it into an outlined graphic to relate it back towards the inside material. I used the colour red as this is consistent with some of my photos which have the colour incorporated. I have altered the design of the packaging so that the front tucks into the fold and when you undo it it folds down to reveal the material inside. I will also have a cut out part on the front and replace it with plastic so you can see the inside which is similar to that of actual meat packaging. The two holes in the tab is where the chain will go to hold up the packaging. I believe I chose a good enough material to be able to withstand the strength of holding everything up via the chain. I also included some narrative at the back which didn’t quite make it into the publication. It is just to provide a little insight into what to expect. I also have a description of what is inside in the red box.

Packaging UPDATE.jpg


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