Slaughterhouse – Finished Product


Overall, I am happy with how it turned out as it was how I wanted it look. However, I am saddened also with the way it turned out and that’s because I’d made a mistake. I made the mistake of cutting a little too much in on the folded part as my craft knife had slipped a little (I swear I was holding it firm!). As you can see below:


I tried fixing it by using tape to tape on the cut off part right next to the mistake but it was too thin to stay on properly and looked ugly. And so, I had to try straighten it out but proved quite difficult as I had to work around the packaging and it left another ugly little bit at the bottom which I’m too scared to cut off in case I ruin it some more. I was under a lot of stress dealing with problems at home as well as uni and it got to me. I am upset with this as I have been working so hard on this project, only to be let down at the end. I had a more clean version which looked much better but, knowing my luck, I’d printed it on the wrong side (it was the more rough ugly side) and I wasn’t aware of it. I was tempted to use it but I know it would be even more obvious that it is wrong due to the different coloration in comparison to the back of the packaging (which was printed on the right side of the cardboard). And so, I couldn’t take that risk. I also couldn’t print out another as I used all my material up and had no time or money to get it back again which sucked.


(Sorry for the blurry picture!) The packaging holds really well on the chain which I am pleased with and the cardboard holds well. And so, I am pleased with that as I wasn’t sure if it would be strong enough or just break.


All the contents fit nice and snug. With the map, I had to use a bone folder down the middle so it would look slightly nicer as I had planned for it to be folded and tucked in with the rest of the stuff. I also had to crop it a little to fit. My postcards were a pain to print as the paper I was originally using for them wasn’t able to be printed on because the printer couldn’t handle it. Anyway, I ended up printing on thinner paper and spray gluing both sides together which was painful.


I suppose the only thing I am truly happy about and have no doubts with is my cover for my publication. The laser cutter was awesome and made a splendid job of it. I was hesitant to use it as I’d never used it before and was actually a little frightened of it in all honesty. But I’m glad I did.

So overall I am happy but more so saddened as it only takes a tiny error to ruin the whole thing. Maybe I am being too hard on myself but considering the expectation that was now held of us, I knew mine wouldn’t make the cut. I can always redo the packaging if given the time and resources but for now, I can’t do anything and that’s the sad part.


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