Week 6 (Minor): Sara J Winston – Homesick

“Homesick is a diary of my relocation from Michigan to New York as told through anecdotal photographs of homes past, present, and future, and the people, meals, and events that impacted the transition. The move, originally motivated by my desire to be near family, grew to be more pressing after I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.” – Sara J Winston.

Homesick is a narrative seen through the lens of first person, steering clear of putting name to face. It focuses on Winston’s journey of self-discovery and a desire to document the households health and their way of coming to terms with illness.

Some photos focus on the human form and raise the question of how brittle and weak we can become and the means of dealing with it through change of diet, medication and hospital visits. But what is more important is surrounding yourself with family and being at home where we are usually most familiar. Home symbolises safety, warmth, family, love and care and are all key factors in a more comfortable and speedy recovery at a time of despair and heartache.

However, in Winston’s photographs, the feeling of detachment is evident and indicates the idea that things are not what they should be or used to be. And although, the photographs embody a feeling of nostalgia through her mother’s hands to her unmade bed which lays in a crumbled heap, it signifies a time of ailing health which is portrayed through the photographs of food, often open and vulnerable.

Life and knowing how to deal with it comes with no instructions or a manual and so ‘Homesick’ becomes just that.

Image Source: http://www.sjwinston.com/work/homesick-2015-

References: https://thephotobook.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/sara-j-winston-homesick/



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