2017: Photography – Maketu Waterfall (Mindmap, Poem, and Moodboard)



(A little sample poem. I may or may not use it. Just playing with words).

Crunch, whistle, crack,

Her feet unsteady, but she can’t turn back,

the wind that whistles and the trees that sway

as her hair bellows in the wind, the ends frayed

Her eyes dart around, she’s enclosed within the forest

Greens and browns and earthy tones

She closes her eyes and inhales the sweet essence of the damp earth

As mother nature wraps itself around her

She feels safe as though it were home

Whilst the wind rocks her back and forth

She feels off balance as she stumbles down the stairs

Unknown to the beauty which awaits her

The rush of water is enticingly near

And as the ferns and flax brush up against her arm

And her legs,

There it awaits,

Maketu Waterfall.

p.s: It was cold, damp and slippery. I was blessed to get a window where it wasn’t stormy and pouring down with rain. It was low light and I had no tripod or camera stabilizer so I had to try my best. I know that they are a little blurry and there is camera shake but you get the picture.


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