Papatuanuku Typography Research and Practice


The typography I am looking for is something kind of childish, slightly immature, free and/or have a fluid form of movement. I want the typography to reflect Papatuanuku (meaning mother nature in Maori) whether that be through the movement of the waterfall, the flax leaves to the vines which descend down from the tree. I’ve considered fonts which are feminine and fluid to straight forward, child-like and handmade. I’m leaning towards the straight font more which I was a little certain on from the start when I first started brainstorming.

I looked at my surroundings and possible things which I could incorporate within my typography, in the form of doodling/mandala which is my style. I may incorporate my own personal style within the typography a little. I practiced a little with different styles/ideas. I want the typography to look as natural as possible which I guess is what I am going for overall.

New Doc 2017-03-19_1

EDIT: I think for my body text, I will be using the child-like, organic font which would mimic the behaviour and the personality of the poem itself and how it speaks about Mother Nature. But for my title, I could use either a feminine, delicate font which would imitate “Mother” and the characteristics associated with that OR use a strong, bold font which would demonstrate confidence and strength which I also believe is what Papatuanuku reflects. It would also provide a solid, blank canvas for me to incorporate my illustrations and the elements as found within my photos.






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