Papatuanuku Abstract // Concepts & Ideas *EDITED*

Papatuanuku is the idea of creation. The reason I chose this topic is because of its abundance, character, livelihood and beauty that we all too often take for granted. I believe it is important for us to embrace our surroundings as we live in a world driven by technology and the internet. Because of this rapid development in society, we are fast becoming immersed within the online world and losing touch with reality. Therefore, I am willing to explore this concept and delve into important ideologies/concepts/beliefs which are closely associated with Papatuanuku. In saying that, I want to talk about Papatuanuku as though she were someone. This will, in return, allow people to familiarize themselves with Mother Nature and consider rekindling a relationship with her so that it will allow for spiritual growth and hopefully, a more in depth understanding of not only Papatuanuku, but themselves also. We rely on Mother Nature and without her, we would simply cease to exist. I chose Maketu waterfall as my focus point because of its hidden beauty and the feelings of home, warmth and comfort which I associate with when I am there.

Concepts/Ideas/Notions – The Exploration

For my three posters, I was considering representing Papatuanuku as though she were an actual person by using different parts of the human body. This will correlate with the lines from my poem. For instance, If I chose the line “and her arms which extend their loving embrace, like a blanket of warmth” I would create that in a slightly literal manner where her arms are wrapped around me and she’s covered in forest. And for one of my posters I will have the word “Papatuanuku” in a bold, strong font decorated in wildlife and nature. This will depict her as being a powerful yet delicate character. The colours will be natural yet vibrant. I will also be taking lots of photos of different plants, wildlife etc. so that I can build her character and personality.


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