Best Photos (to date) – Edited and Ready

I have a lot of difficulty trying to take photos of my place as inside the forest it is quite low lighting from all the trees blocking out the sunlight and so I can only work with low shutter speeds. My camera is quite old and not as capable as a lot of cameras these days (I have a Nikon d3000) and so it is really challenging. I have taken hundreds of photos and only a handful have proven worthy as a lot of them have noise or slight camera shake; with or without a tripod. Some of my good photos have noise in them and still slight camera shake but I think they are still really worthy and I guess the noise gives off a texture similar to that of dirt.

I feel as though I am at a bit of disadvantage but I am trying to work with what I have.

All photos have been edited in a way that it is warm and inviting and enhances every aspect of the photo so it looks organic. I also really like the idea of a vignette border as, for me, it makes the moment more intimate and comforting which are key words with which I associate closely with Papatuanuku. I have thought a lot about the editing process and sampled different results within both Photoshop and Light room to see what works best.

It frustrates me a lot as there is so much potential for really amazing photographs. I have also explored different perspectives on how to represent and capture my place so that I may stand out and also understand Maketu Waterfall a lot more in depth. A perspective which I really like is where I have my camera on the forest floor and just take photos blindly. I have had really great results from this approach and I believe it takes things a step further with how I can communicate the beauty of Papatuanuku.

I will be taking more photos now that I have a much more clearer idea of what it is I want to capture and try add to the collection of photos which I like and think are good enough. I have also found that going in the afternoon is the best time as when I went in the morning, the light was much too harsh. The afternoon light is more filtered and a lot softer which is essentially what I am going for.


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