Poster Developments – Critique

I sought advice from my lecturer and some friends on what they thought of my posters to date.

Poster 1:

Definitely embodies what I am trying to communicate. It is far from finished but what I am going to do is drawing the rest of the hair in form of mandala (which is my personal design style) and include other elements. Marcos agreed that it is going in the right direction and suggested playing with texture and working on the background instead of a solid background which I agree. I am fairly confident with this poster.

2nd Poster

Poster 2:

This one received a lot of critique. Suggestions included working with texture, experimenting with the background more and including more natural elements. Although, I didn’t understand at first, I now do and realize it is too clean cut and stiff which is something we all agreed on. I now realize that it has steered towards another direction and away from the “natural and organic” approach which is what I originally intended. I was certain of this at first but after seeking other opinions I see that there is a lot more to be done and possibilities to work with. It’s quite difficult as I don’t have certain resources so I can’t perform certain tasks but I will work with what I have and make it possible. I promised a lot of great things and this poster is definitely under par with what I was describing and wanting to achieve during my presentation.

Things to experiment with/include:

  • Pressing/Imprinting Leaves & Other Forest Items
  • Texture. Placing paper amongst textural backgrounds and rubbing pencil/charcoal over the top. Imprint.
  • Watercolour Painting. Paint tree branches so that they branch out from the letters.
  • Interweave different elements within the letters and make it more “natural” or a part of nature or the process of “growth”.
  • Splatter with Indian ink. More of the glistening effect as seen in poster below.
  • Working with images I’ve taken and work into background. Play with opacity.
  • Make letters softer/feather the edges.
  • Sought certain smells to place onto poster so that people can gain experience it on another level.
  • Grab items from the forest to use on actual poster e.g. leaves, sticks, flax.



Poster 3:

I haven’t gotten around to doing it as of yet but basically what I am doing is having a hand outstretched and in the palm of her hand she will hold the earth. This is not literally but things from the earth like dirt which will fall from her hands and so forth. I will also draw mandala on her arm which demonstrates “growth” and this will be interwoven with the rest of the design. The line from the poem for this will be “and her arms which extend their loving embrace.”


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