Inspiration: Palimpsest Art & Handwriting

Marcos showed me Palimpsest art which was similar to what I was going for in my posters. I never knew the name for this style of art but it inspired me to go even further as Marcos had instructed and do even more with my poster. I will be doing more with my poster (or at least hope to) when they are printed and ready to be mounted. I want there to be texture and elements to pop out so that the poster is no longer 2D but now you would be able to feel it also.

Examples of Palimpsest Art by Ann Baldwin.

For my typography, I am still going with the handwritten type which I was so set on from the start. However, I will only be using it as a title heading in my publication and instead, I will be handwriting the lines of my poem and scanning this into Photoshop. Marcos showed me this and I thought it would look really cool and the posters would be a lot more organic/personalised as I would be writing the poem myself. I had considered this idea when I was brainstorming typography beforehand but didn’t realise its potential up until this point. I have already tested this concept and found that it was a lot more effective than what I had before. It flowed a lot smoother with the rest of the poster whereas the Amatic type sat rather awkwardly on the poster and I was actually having trouble on where to place it as it didn’t fit anywhere.

My Poem: own handwriting.

Poem Writing.jpg


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