Storyboard – Ideas & Thoughts

For my interview video, I want to make it in the form of a documentary/POV. I want it to be personal and talk about Mother Nature as though you would your mother and represent her in the way of the words which I associate with her including comfort, warmth and home. The POV part will be to make the experience more realistic and personal. I want to put viewer in the shoes of a first person and make them feel as though they are experiencing it just as much as the next person.

I’m not sure what the title should be as of yet so I will probably let it come to me.

Waterfall Ideas.jpgThe interview will be more informal, casual and relaxed to appeal to the personal and natural aspect. I want to strip it back to basics and place emphasis on the beauty of Mother Nature. If I or someone else is featured within a frame, I will make sure to keep focus on the surroundings always and instead, the focus of the person will be situated on their existence as a concept/idea. I don’t want to take the attention away from Mother Nature by putting name to face.


Popular camera shots will include close ups and long/wide shots of the Maketu Forest/Waterfall. Framing with overlays will also be a camera shot that may be used frequently.

Camera Shots.jpg


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