Moving Image: Developing Stages/Brainstorming


The story is about a girl who is starting out a journey. She is confident, somewhat scared but confident and excited to start. Throughout her journey she begins to realise that things are not what they seem and she starts to struggle. The more she perseveres, the more her spirit begins to diminish and she wants to give up. Then comes a point in her journey where she falls. The ending shot will show that she has made it. She came out of the experience a different person. She is beat down and tired but has made it regardless.

This is a metaphor for our journey in life in general and is applicable to anyone. We face things in a our life that challenge us and push us beyond our limits. It was what we do which determines our future.


A simple girl. Stripped back and natural. Her clothing is simple OR she is geared up with clothing and as the story continues forward, she begins to strip back her clothing as if she is peeling back layers of herself and emerge as someone completely new and different. Start off in trackpants and a jumper, end with shorts and a top. Possibly holding her shoes in ending shot. Another metaphor of character development.

Timeline of Events:

1) Camera positioned on floor level. Focused on a tree branch. Me walking into the frame and bend down to tie up shoes before walking off.

2) 360 panning shot of forest. Introducing the scenery. Slow pace.

3) Walk past branch positioned on the right of frame (opposite position to the first frame).

4) Camera facing back of me walking through forest. Take off jumper.

4 a) Camera on ground. Jumper drops in front as I walk away.

5) Scenery shot. Mid close camera shot. Flax leaves/leaves.

6)Scenery Shot. Mid close camera shot. Tree branches/tree.

7) Birds eye view of me walking through forest.

8) Panning through forest. Work with camera angles. Possible birds eye view.

9) Camera focused on legs. Getting undressed out of pants.

10) Pick up pace. Start running. Mid shot.

11)Camera facing back of me.

12) Close up of face. Lips? Breathing becomes bigger.

13) Running up the hill. Far away shot or mid shot.

14) Scrambling up the hill. Hand held. POV.

15) Mimic falling down. Camera goes into dirt to cause transition. (Rising action) Music gets louder. Breathing becomes heavy.

16) One breath in amongst it.

17) Resoluting shot. Ending credit. Me sitting at edge of waterfall OR sitting at the bank alongside waterfall OR standing at edge of waterfall bent over taking heavy breathing before stretching. Quiet breathing. Camera slowly coming away and turn to face upwards to the sky. Then it goes black.


Consistent nature sounds

Sound of feet

Crunch of leaves


Raw, organic sound effects

Possible beat of the drum (build up anticipation)


Clear details. Crisp. Enhanced natural colours. Enhance original video to bring out the details but keep it as close representation as possible. Warm colours. Starts to become colder as the pace picks up. Goes back to warm on ending shot.



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