Moodboard – Inspiration

I have gathered pictures that represent what I want to portray from the colour grading to the type of handwriting. I really like the third photo as, for me, it is nostalgic and it gives me an idea to try and maybe portray that through the shots of my character when she is possibly reflecting/having flashbacks as the story plays out.

I want to stay consistent with the theme I originated with in my Papatuanuku posters and that includes writing my own font to use within the video. It correlates with ‘nature’ and ‘organic.’

As stated in the previous post, my character is a plain, simple girl who is basic and ‘natural’ if you could see it that way. Nothing fancy.

The mushroom photo is perfect as the colours, at least, seem natural and are what I am wanting to achieve by enhancing the colours of the environment/surroundings as opposed to “changing” it. I want it to seem natural but an enhanced version.



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